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About me


Hi there! I’m Sibel, and welcome to my blog!

I adore food! Some of my earliest memories are of me demolishing the kitchen (sorry mum!), cooking up wacky recipes I'd created in my mind. My grandmothers were a huge influence in my life. They'd always be the ones to cook a feast and to bring the family together. I saw through them how food can help people to connect. For me, eating isn't just about sustenance, it's an experience, an opportunity for people to gather, connect and try new things.


Why am I vegan, you ask? Well, for that we have to go back to the year 2002. As a 9 year old I came across a research paper demonstrating the negative effects of mass farming and... joke. I was 9, I can't even remember the exact reason why. I can't say I had a long list of profound reasons as to why I made this decision at such a young age, but I would always overthink when eating id id question how my food got to my plate. Bless my family, they were always extremely supportive. They'd buy me new vegetables and vegetarian ingredients to try and made sure I kept a well balanced vegetarian diet. It was several years later at the age of 25 that I became aware of the impact of meat and dairy consumption on our planet, so I decided to take the plunge and become completely vegan. I've not looked back since. As a long-time foodie, I had developed some pretty good cooking skills, but turning vegan 3 years ago was a whole new challenge!



About The Blog

After I became vegan I found myself spending a lot more time in the kitchen, experimenting with unfamiliar ingredients and practising new cooking methods. The idea for this blog actually started many years ago before it came to fruition; I’ve been handwriting my recipes and ideas in my journal for such a long time, so I figured I would use this blog as a space for sharing them with you! We all have times where we just want to whip up something quick and delicious, so here you’ll find a range of simple vegan recipes that require minimal ingredients and are quick and easy to prepare. I’ll also share with you more complex recipes from different periods and cultures as well as the stories behind them, because I believe that knowing the history of a certain dish or the reasons behind why a specific ingredient is used gives the dish a deeper significance, and ultimately it becomes more nourishing. I also experiment with recipes which are low in calories, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free and refined sugar-free. I want my recipes to be enjoyed by everyone, so here you’ll find a range of recipes for different dietary requirements. I’ll also share with you my vegan travel and lifestyle tips.

I hope you like my recipes! I love hearing from my cooking friends, so if you have any questions come and say hi on Instagram!

Much love,


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