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Plum Blossom Compote

This plum compote is ready in just 20 minutes and you'll only need 4 simple ingredients! The Juicy, sweet-sour plums are stewed with plum blossoms to give a delicate floral aroma and taste. Serve this plum blossom compote with vegan yoghurt and granola for a healthy dessert or serve on top of porridge for a fruity breakfast.

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This compote is unbelievably easy to prepare! You simply add the plum blossoms and hot water to a pot and let them simmer for a few minutes, you then add the plums, sugar and lemon juice and cook until the plums soften, and voila!


Compote is fruit stewed in a bit of water, sugar, lemon juice and sometimes spices. It’s quicker to make than jam, but it won’t last for as long. It’s usually served as a light dessert or as a topping for cakes, porridge, pancakes, waffles or French toast.


You only need a few simple ingredients to make this plum blossom compote! Plums - Any ripe plums will work – if the plums you’re using are more sour than sweet, you can add 1 tbsp more sugar to balance the sourness.

Sugar - I’ve used granulated sugar, but you can use any sugar, sweetener or syrup of your choice: carob syrup is great for a refined sugar-free version.

Lemon juice - The lemon juice adds a really nice tanginess to the compote.

Plum Blossoms - The plum blossoms give the compote a lovely delicate floral aroma and taste. If you prefer not to use plum blossoms, this recipe is also lovely with a bit of cinnamon, vanilla or ground cardamom.


  • The plum blossoms are optional – this compote is delicious without any added flavour, but you can add other spices such as ground cloves, cardamom or cinnamon.

  • You can use a fruit syrup or sweetener for a refined sugar-free alternative.

  • There's no need to peel the plums. Keeping the skin on will prevent the plums from turning too mushy and they’ll give the compote a lovely colour.



Place the plum blossoms on a clean piece of muslin, create a little parcel and secure it with some kitchen twine.


Add the hot water, plum blossoms, lemon juice and sugar to a pot and let it simmer for 5 minutes on a medium heat.


Remove the pits from the plums and cut them into wedges. Add the plum wedges to the pot and let them cook for 15 more minutes until they soften.


Remove the plum blossoms from the pot and serve the compote with some vegan yogurt and granola. This compote is delicious hot or cold!


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